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Breathing Techniques for Stress Relief - Workshop

Breathing Techniques for Stress Relief - Workshop


One Hour Workshop - An Introduction to Pranayama

Exercising our diaphragm and learning to understand and control our breath not only improves our breathing, but also helps us to better manage stress and feel relaxed.
This class begins with gentle stretching and ends with a guided meditation.
The breathing techniques are simple, but effective and a handout is provided so that you can continue the practices on your own after the workshop.

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Benefits of a consistent pranayama practice:

  • Optimizes oxygen absorption; strengthens lungs and diaphragm (primary muscle of breathing)
  • Massages both heart and digestive organs
  • Reduces stress on the nervous system, improving the function of all other bodily systems
  • Stimulates the brain, improves mental focus, and induces tranquility and clarity of thought
  • Lowers levels of stress and anxiety by harmonizing the movement of energy (oxygen)