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3 Guided Meditations - 30 Minutes Each

3 Guided Meditations - 30 Minutes Each


On the phone or in person*
Schedule 3 separate sessions any time, no expiration

Each session begins with a quick check-in and mindful discussion. The meditation will be anywhere from 15-20 minutes long and may include breath awareness, visualization techniques, music, intention setting, and/or affirmations. 
Please specify any preferences when purchasing.

Option to add Reiki for $10 extra per session
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Universal Spirit Yoga - 408 W. 5th Ave. Naperville, IL -(630) 416-7526
or in the comfort of your home (small travel fee may apply)

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Benefits of a consistent meditation practice:

  • Improved focus, clarity, and quality of sleep
  • Immediate stress relief as well as improved ability to manage stressful situations
  • Positive outlook on life and circumstances and a better mood in general
  • Feeling calm and peace in daily life
  • A sense of belonging and contentment, as well as a better self-esteem
  • and much more!