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Making fresh, wholesome foods look as vibrant and delicious as possible was my primary goal when I first started SunSoul Wellness, and my philosophy when it comes to recipes is they should be fun and simple to make! I created these recipes to be flexible and forgiving, giving you the freedom to experiment with new ingredients, make substitutions, and build your confidence in the kitchen. My intention is that you use these recipes as building blocks in the construction of your own, unique cooking style that you will enjoy, love, and serve with pride for many years to come!

*Over 30 easy, versatile whole food, plant-based recipes made with fresh, simple ingredients that can be modified to suit your personal dietary choices and preferences
*Inspiration for creative cooking and moving beyond recipes
*Tips for maximizing efficiency in the kitchen to save time and have fun!
*Complementary ingredients to simplify your grocery shopping and to help you make the most out of the foods you purchase

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Food is meant to be enjoyed and should support all aspects of your health: mind, body, and spirit. When we learn to eat intuitively from a place of self-love and compassion healthy food choices come naturally. This guidebook will encourage you to start taking small, progressive steps towards transforming your kitchen, eating habits, and lifestyle and is a simple, practical tool to assist you in your journey towards better health. If you are just beginning your journey towards making more conscious food choices it will help you to build your confidence and identify any potential obstacles so that you can work through them.

*Tips for mindful eating and introducing more whole foods in to your diet
*How to understand and manage food cravings
*Simple, practical nutrition information
*Kitchen tools and set-up
*Grocery shopping, food storage, and food preparation tips
*Tips for efficiency and eating out
…and more!

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