Fresh Tomato Soup

Gluten Free & Low Fat!

My mother-in-law loves to grow her own food, and this year she ended up with more tomatoes than she knew what to do with. Next thing I knew she was sending me home with a huge bag full of them, and then I had more tomatoes that I knew what to do with!

So when in doubt...MAKE SOUP! Right?! This recipe was a total experiment, an experiment that was successful (and by successful I mean husband-approved! Yes!)

This soup is a bit different than the nostalgic Campbell's version, but it is definitely much more fresh and healthy. The carrots add a natural sweet taste and the potatoes and beans give it that creamy consistency while keeping the fat content low (plus the beans give this soup a boost of plant-based protein!). The cloves add a bit of character and spice, and the balsamic vinegar rounds everything out. 

We paired ours with homemade garlic knots for the perfect, comforting week-day meal :).