My Favorite Thai Curry

Thai curries are a staple in our house hold. I love the complex, spicy flavors, and my husband likes.....rice. I've made this dish so many times now that I've fine tuned my recipe into a meal that consistently receives a 10/10 rating from a particularly critical hubby (he's a food snob) :)

This recipe is very forgiving. Choose any veggies you like, and tweak the amount of curry paste to suit your taste. One thing you definitely shouldn't substitute is the FULL FAT coconut milk. The rest of this dish is low fat, so don't sweat the extra calories. Plus, your taste buds will thank you! Skip the Thai chilis and go light on the ginger if you aren't into spicy. This is definitely one of those party-in-your-mouth dishes, and tastes EVEN BETTER the following day for leftovers! Enjoy!