I offer individual and group coaching in person, as well as by phone and Skype. 

My One-Time SunShine Session is a great way to get that quick boost of inspiration and learn some daily relaxation techniques that you can incorporate into your daily routine. We will address your biggest concerns and create a list of Action Steps and Daily Affirmations to get you started on the right path.

Effective coaching and life-long results take time. The longer the program, the more time you will have to integrate changes into your daily routine. This is especially important when lifestyle changes are being made. As a coach, I hold you accountable and provide support throughout the program so that you can comfortably assimilate new, healthier habits into your lifestyle.

Consultations are free! Personal connection is very important, and a consultation will give you a better understanding of what it would be like to work with me. From there you can decide if my services are right for you.

All of my programs can be customized to meet your individual needs. Private Yoga and Reiki sessions and be added to an program at an additional cost.

SERVICES - In person*, phone or via Skype

For pricing and customized programs send me an email at sunsoulwellness.com. Together we can figure out what is best for you!


Initial Consultation - Free! 45 minutes

We will get to know each other and see where exactly you are in your journey, what specific concerns you have, and in what ways I can best support you. From there, we will decide which program is appropriate for you.


Single SunShine Session - 60 minutes

We will identify which areas of your life are causing stress or concern and work together to create specific goals and action steps to address them. Includes welcome package with simple recipes and informational handouts.


3 Month Program - 6 Bi-monthly Session, 60 minutes each

Receive support and get your questions answered via e-mail anytime. Each session is focused on your specific goals and is tailored to best suit your needs at that time. I am yours for a full 60 minutes, so anything you want to talk about is fair game! Handouts, articles, and free giveaways will be provided as supplements to the coaching sessions. You will also receive 50% off my Pantry Makeover and Shopping Buddy services. 


6 Month Program - 12 Bi-monthly Session, 60 minutes each

The same setup as the 3 Month Program, but you will receive additional support and information. 


Pantry Makeover or Shopping Buddy - 90 minutes, local clients only** 

As separate options or as supplements to either program.

For Pantry Makeovers we look at the ingredients and nutrition labels on all food items in your pantry and refrigerator. I provide you information on the health issues associated with artificial ingredients, added sugars, hydrogenated oils, and preservatives. We will discuss what better options would be, and I provide you handouts that will assist you in slowly replacing these items.  

You can also take me shopping with you, and I will give you my best tips in tricks on healthy shopping, even on a budget! I will help to you to get comfortable and confident navigating the produce section, and we will go over what to look out for and what to avoid. Handouts will be provided to help you after our shopping trip. It's a great way to get started on your journey to better health! 

Clients enrolled in a 6-month program can enjoy any of these services for 50% off, and clients in the 3-month program will receive a 25% discount!

*In person sessions will be conducted Gawea Yoga located at 936 S. State St. Lockport, IL or at a public location of your choosing.

**Small travel fee may apply