Strawberry Jicama Guacamole

Strawberry Jicama Guacamole

Guacamole is one of my favorite foods and is definitely my favorite way to eat avocados. Sometimes I like to add chopped mango for a sweeter flavor, but this time I decided to add some chopped strawberries and leftover jicama. Both were were sitting in my fridge and needed to get eaten quickly, so I threw it in with some avocado, lime juice, and cilantro and this version of guacamole was born! 

The sweetness of the strawberry and crunch from the jicama paired perfectly with the avocado. I ate it with a salad and some crispy tofu, but it would also go great in a wrap, with tacos, as a dip for chips or veg, or even on its own (yea, it's that good!)

Ingredients (makes 2-3 servings):

  • 1  ripe avocado
  • Juice of 1/2 lime (or more!)About 1/4 cup jicama, chopped small
  • About 1/4  cup strawberries, chopped small
  • 2-3 tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped



  • Slice avocado in half, remove pit, and scoop flesh out into a medium sized bowl
  • Squeeze in the lime juice and mash avocado with a fork until smooth
  • Add jicama, strawberries, and cilantro and stir to combine
  • Taste test! This recipe is super versatile. I added probably closer to 1/3 cup jicama and strawberries because I was going for a chunkier consistency. Adjust the amounts of any of the ingredients to suit your own personal taste!


This recipe is so simple and made it only a few ingredients, and it's a fresh twist on the traditional guacamole! If you give this recipe a try, snap a pic and use the hashtag #sunsoulwellness on Instagram so I can see it! What is your favorite way to make guacamole?